At Novus, we deliver a range of electrical safety compliance services to keep your building running and your occupants safe. All our services are delivered to the relevant British Standard and with utmost consideration to best-practice Health & Safety procedures.

Fixed Wire Testing (EICR)

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. It is essential that the site duty holder ensures that installations are regularly inspected and maintained in line with electrical safety compliance legislation. This will ensure that the electrical installation will remain is good working order and that it does not put users at risk.

Our engineer will check the electrical installation against the requirements of BS7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations) and report on the condition of your installation with any remedial recommendations.

Remedial and Install works

Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) will identify and categorise any defects to your electrical installation. It is a legal requirement to carry out remedial works on all C1 and C2 defects and it is recommended that C3 defects and INFO comments are explored and put right as soon as possible to ensure that the board cannot deteriorate further over time.

Our electrical engineers will rectify your electrical installation safely and ensuring that your system once again meets BS7671 standards.

We also do electrical install work small or large for various customers nationwide.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Damage to cables and equipment, incorrect fuses and poor electrical connections can cause serious fire and safety hazards. It is recommended that your portable appliances are tested regularly in accordance with the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) code of practice.

Our engineers will test your appliances to ensure they are in good working order. Our findings are recorded on a PAT test report with recommendations on whether to repair or replace faulty appliances.

Microwave Emissions Testing

Microwave ovens use microwave radiation to heat food and are designed to prevent this radiation leaking out. Overtime, the seals and protective systems can deteriorate and the microwave’s radiation can leak and have a detrimental effect to users. Novus Compliance carry out a visual and emissions test in accordance with the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) code of practice to ensure that your microwave is safe for use.

Our engineers will carry out testing on your microwave to ensure that it is in good working order and effectively radiation shielded for your safety.

Thermographic Image Surveys

A Thermal Image Survey is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” thermal energy emitted from an object, like distribution boards or any electrical installations.

Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities. Nearly everything gets hot before it fails; making infrared cameras extremely cost-effective, valuable diagnostic tools in identifying equipment that may cause danger if left.

One of the major benefits of Thermographics is its non-disruptive nature, as your electrical systems do not need to be shut down for a Thermographic Inspection to be carried out.

Thermography is recognised for the first time in the current 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations as a method of effectively maintaining your electrical systems.

Emergency Lighting Inspections

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement to ensure escape routes are illuminated if the normal lighting has failed for any reason. Emergency lighting systems must be regularly tested to ensure that they will work correctly in the event of an emergency.

We design, supply, install, commission and maintain these essential emergency lighting systems, ensuring compliance with BS 5266, BS EN 50172 and The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

Lightning Protection

All Lightning Protection Systems and Static Earthing systems must be regularly inspected and tested by competent personnel using calibrated test equipment.

Novus has experienced engineers and technicians nationwide with access to the latest test and measurement equipment. Our trained personnel provide a complete service. Maintenance works and upgrades may be required if the testing and inspection reveals any deterioration in the level of protection, or there has been changes or additions to the structure which render the existing systems inadequate.

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