It is a legal requirement that any building with an air conditioning system greater than 12KW is periodically inspected. Novus Compliance engineers are experienced and will ensure that reports are completed on the DCLG software and lodged on the landmark registry, in line with regulations.

Systems requiring an air conditioning inspection

Only air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW are affected by these regulations. This includes systems consisting of individual units which are less than 12kW but whose combined effective rated output is more than 12kW – one or more air conditioning units within a building are classed as an air conditioning system system for the purposes of the regulations.

An air conditioning system is defined as ‘a combination of all components required to provide a form of air treatment in which the temperature is controlled, or can be lowered, and includes systems which combine such air treatment with the control of ventilation, humidity and air cleanliness’. This includes both fixed self-contained systems, such as split systems and centralized systems. Mechanical ventilation systems that provide no mechanical cooling themselves, but serve spaces that are cooled by other means are included.

The person who controls the operation of the system is the person who controls the technical functioning of the system, not someone who can just adjust the temperature or whose only responsibility is to adjust the controls. This person has a duty of care to ensure they comply with their legal responsibility.

The report has to be completed by a Level 3 or Level 4 Low Carbon Energy Assessor (depending on the complexity of the Air Con system) and they have to be registered with an accreditation body e.g CIBSE

What a report must contain

The inspection report must include an assessment of the efficiency of the system and its size compared to the cooling requirements of the building. It must also contain appropriate advice on possible improvements to the system. (FIT FOR PURPOSE)

The inspection report must include:

• The address of the building in which the system is located
• The name of the accredited air conditioning energy assessor
• The name and address of the energy assessor’s employer
• The date on which the inspection occurred
• The name of the government approved air conditioning accreditation scheme of which the accredited air conditioning energy assessor is a member
The reports have to be completed on the DCLG software and the reports have to be lodged on the Landmark registry.

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